CopenhagenTouch Rugby

COVID Compliance

Please confirm attendance and arrive on time so we can organise ourselves into playing groups

If you have been in contact with somebody that has COVID or you are feeling symptoms please do not play. By respecting the following guidelines we can continue to play safely until the pandemic clears.

  • Players per pitch must be limited to 25 people
  • Players cannot swap pitches before, during or after the games
  • Regularly sanitise your hands and the rugby balls
  • Each pitch must have a COVID marshal to ensure guidelines are followed

We need at least 8 people in order to have a game, so make sure you sign up to the event and be sure to follow the facebook group to confirm that games are going ahead.

New players are always welcome and no experience is required! You just need to show up with a pair of running shoes or rugby boots.

Join in at Faelledparken

Games are played at the Rigshospital side of the park


Check the facebook group to confirm play is going ahead